Math Communication

There is a huge gap between the academia and the public; people think that math is neither practical nor interesting, while there are not many mathematicians who are eager to share how useful and entertaining it can be. I believe it is a duty of ours - those who are studying mathematics - to build a bridge over this gap. That is why I am interested in math communication, the practice of informing, educating, raising awareness of math-related topics, and increasing the sense of wonder about mathematical discoveries. As the science community has made a huge success over the last decade, the math community can also make it!

I have been employing a number of tools to take that duty; that includes YouTube, Instagram, public lectures, etc. Here I attach the links to the projects I organized or featured. I hope you enjoy them!

Featured Videos (Youtube)

I have collaborated with @Samulgoongi, a Korean Youtube channel, to share some interesting mathematical facts and the reason beyond. Below are the youtube videos I participated; I wrote the script and reviewed the final product. (All contents are in Korean.)

Why is a negative times a negative a positive?

Why is there no Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

Why is zero factorial equal to one?

Essays (Brunch)

I love to write essays. The topics are all about mathematics: my research, education, mathematicians, or anything related with mathematics. I believe these writings can help people understand more about what math researchers do, what they are interested in, and how they view the world. You can find them from my Brunch. (All contents are in Korean.)

Math Card News (Instagram)

Mathematicians are not so much different from the others. Hoping people to realize that simple fact, I have uploaded a series of card news on interesting trivia on mathematicians. You can find them out from @SoSu_JohnLee. (All contents are in Korean.)